Crolla v Linares II

Boxing at Manchester Arena

Returning to the Manchester Arena tonight – Crolla & Linares look ready for the highly anticipated rematch both weighing in the same at 134.5lbs. After an intense and great to watch first fight, both fighters are talking the talk but will Crolla manage to power through and win his belt back this evening? For me (and the bookies) it seems sadly not, although no one can knock the amount of heart he has displayed throughout the first fight and lead up to the second. Linares’ speed and constant switching up of style in the first fight completely outclassed Crolla and I think the same will be true of this evening. With his speed also comes crazy punch power and the combination means the Venezuelan is one of a kind. Linares is looking for a point-proving win and I think he will be going for the knock down. My money is on Linares to KO Crolla in Round  5 (I also have £ on Round 8 just in case – ha!).

I also predict piss easy wins for Katie Taylor, Hosea Burton & Lawrence Okolie’s debut. For ‘The Battle of Blackpool’, Rose v Arnfield I’m on the fence.


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