Weekend Fight Predictions 04.03.17

My predictions for this weekends most explosive fights! What are you saying?


Haye v Bellew


With all sorts of talk of injury, although seemingly untrue, perhaps too much partying in Miami, and a pretty explosive press conference, the bookies have shifted in the last few days slightly more in favour of Tony Bellew. Haye continues as strong favourite to win however, with fans hoping for a dog fight and perhaps a glimpse of the famous ‘Haymaker’ KO. I am going against the majority crowd on this one though, even as a London girl, and my money is firmly on Tony Bellew this time. Perhaps I have bought into his (very loud) chat just a little too much but I think if a too confident Haye has written him off already, he could be in for all sorts of trouble with Tony Bellew to win in the early to mid rounds.


Garcia v Thurman


This fight is almost impossible to call, which is what makes it so damn exciting. Thurman is the favourite in this world championship unification fight, but no one can argue Garcia doesn’t know how to win. Both are undefeated, both are big punchers, both can take a punch and they both have a lot on the line this weekend – it will be interesting to see who comes out on top. I’d go for Thurman to win, but I really wouldn’t be surprised if Garcia clinched it.

Davies v Mathews


Oh what a press conference – I definitely don’t think Davies has won any fans in Liverpool, but his confident personality makes him one of the upcoming fighters I really like to watch. To be honest I think Mathews has had his day and with 11 losses, most recently to Luke Campbell and Terry Flanagan, I predict a short, sharp, shock  defeat for him with Ohara knocking him out early doors.

Eggington v Malignaggi


Another fight where I feel the younger, fresher fighter is going to prevail. This fight has been in the shadows slightly due to the big number of huge characters involved but I think Eggington will win it, confidently, and keep his belt. I’ve gone for rounds 4-6 in favour of Sam Eggington.


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